Deadmau5 - 4x4=12 (Listen & Download)

Aritst: Deadmau5
Album: 4x4=12
Release Date: December 7, 2010
Genre: Electro, Dub Step
Faze Grade: A+

If you have never had the pleasure, and I do really mean that, of hearing Deadmau5 than you have been missing quite the treat. The club/dance/techno genre is a cluttered, packed style full of wannabes and pretenders. Over time, artists begin to sound the same and the stereotypical 4 on the Floor is the only resounding theme from these songs. Deadmau5 is the sort of artist that breathes life into the genre performing at seemingly indie and underground levels. Though his popularity has wildly increased over the past few releases, he remains nonetheless an iconic figure in the music world. “4x4=12” is a cross-over of sorts making his dance sound even sound-friendly for listeners prone to skip the genre altogether. With the head-banging “Sofi Needs a Ladder” to the progressive “Raise Your Weapon” this album covers a variety a sound and delivers a solid release. A+

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Deadmau5 - Right This Second


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