Sleigh Bells - Treats (Listen & Download)

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Album: Treats
Release Date: June 1, 2010
Genre: Electronic Rock
Faze Grade: C+

The Sleigh Bell's album Treats is not for the faint of heart. Their sound is wildly different than anything you have ever heard-- I guarantee that. To describe their sound would be loud, booming kicks and snares, similar to what you would hear in a club or techno song accompanied by a female vocalist and blaring guitars. The guitar sounds remind me loosely of the band Ratatat. Apparently this sound is all the rage and has its own genre: “noise pop” or “dance punk”. This sound clearly puts this band in a league of their own.

Standout tracks include “Kids” which has the backing sounds to be a Dirty South rap song (but is far from it) and “Rill Rill” which is a annoying, yet catchy sound. Sleigh Bells is a highly bizaare experiment in sound, but appeals to the ear in some cases. While the whole album isn’t an outstanding piece, and becomes, ironically, “noisy”, it is still a worthwhile checkout for the eclectic ear. C+

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