Family Force 5 - III (Listen & Download)

Artist: Family Force 5
Album: III
Release Date: Spring 2011
Genre: Electronic Rock
Faze Grade: A-


This three song EP is only available for purchase online at the Family Force 5 store or while they are on their current tour, which it set to end soon. Either way, you can get a sneak peak into the Family's next full release for 5 bucks.

The short EP starts off with 'Wobble' which is a similar in style to the 'Dougie', i.e. the singer describing a type of dance they'd like to see implemented into mainstream culture sometime soon. The song is purely a dance one, something we've seen FF5 add in heavy doses on their albums. Nothing unusual here. However, the next track 'Dang Girl' is a bit suprising. It has Dirty South rap elements mixed in with heavy guitars blaring. The music is catchy and will definitly be a hit, in the same vein of 'LUV Addict.' The lyrical content is where I raise an eyebrow. The song describes the likes of hot girls and their astonishment of seeing some, hence 'Dang girl!' I am not quite sure what the purpose of the song is, unless we are to simply label this yet another purely dance song. The album closes with the inevitable (even for FF5) slower tempo song. 'You Got It' sounds nothing like a FF5 song, and resembles the current trend of Bruno Mars-inspired hits. In a lot of ways it has a more distinct, mature sound to it. It has a bit of a reggae and percussion flair to it making it and obvious radio song.

Overall, the album if the EP is any indication of the upcoming full-length album from FF5 we can expect good things: hot crunk rock tracks, catchy dance beats, and another best selling album. My hope for the next album, though, is that FF5 continues their trend of putting a few more mature, serious songs into the release. Other than that, it's a recommendable addition to their discography. A-

Hot Track (Listen & Download)
Family Force 5 - You Got It.MP3


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