The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts (Listen & Download)

Aritst: The Go! Team
Album: Rolling Blackouts
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Genre: Electronic Rock
Faze Grade: B-

The Go! Team, like many other artists you’ll find on this site, is some strange brew. Their sound is highlighted by raucous chants, either from vintage sounds or from lead ‘singer’, Ninja, and a caucus of other sounds. The band plays every known instrument to man strumming along to a peppy-happy beat. Many of the underlining musical melodies heard in the background come from soundtracks from Bollywood films (I kid you not). Songs like “Apollo Throwdown” are all over the map, featuring so many different, odd sounds it’s hard to imagine that anything can come together as harmoniously as this. This very eclectic mix of sound of strange does come together for a great, rousing performance at times. As the band’s name might suggest there is a lot of energy here following from beginning to end, through singing pieces or purely instrumentals jams. The Go! Team will likely find it hard to make new fans, given their exotic presentation, but it will surely keep current fans and those interested in indie and noise pop.  B-

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The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown


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