Miami Horror - Illumination (Listen & Download)

Aritst: Miami Horror
Album: Illumination
Release Date: August 20, 2010
Genre: Electro Pop
Faze Grade: A

In case you haven't noticed the disco-funk of the 1970's is making a comeback, now with a modern flair. Daft Punk brought the retro sound around the turn of the century, and several other indie dance artists are picking up where they left off. One such band is Miami Horror. Based out of Australia this one man band seeks to provide ambient chilled funk with the help of several guest vocals. Their disco-inspired sound keeps many of the songs fresh and catchy providing a solid listening experience. Favorite tracks include "I look to you," "Holidays," and "Sometimes." This is a fantastic debut for a band with greater things to come.  A

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Miami Horror - I Look To You (MP3)


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