Feed Me - To The Stars (Listen & Download)

Artist: Feed Me
Album: To the Stars
Release Date: June 3, 2011
Genre: Electro, Dub step
Faze Grade: B+

Without much pause between "To the Stars" and "Feed Me's Big Adventure," the artist known as Feed Me has been very busy. The aforementioned EP was an instant classic, frequently finding playing time in my music player. Without a doubt it signaled Feed Me as DJ to be reckoned with, a danger to the small playing-field of Deadmau5 and the like. With "To the Stars" Feed Me sends another four song platitude to the public and, while not as groundbreaking as "Big Adventure," still continues to sell the artist as genius.

The EP starts with a classic Feed Me sound, progressing on the hypnotic melodies and thumping beats that has been trademark thus far. "To the Stars" in an instant charmer and will be the quality homer needed to sell the electronic copies of the album. "Strange Behaviour" incorporates guest vocalist, Tasha Baxter. It's a haunting melody in the veins of the pause-step beat atypical with dubstep songs. Feed Me rarely features vocalists on his album, but this track is promising for future ventures. "Pink Lady" is a slower, bass-driven tune with a flare for the drum. "Chain Smoker" a distinctively progressive-house song, featuring little distinguishing marks especially for a Feed Me track. While a decent track set for any ruckus in the club, I was kind of disappointed. Then again, such is to be expected when the listener sets the bar too high. After an outstanding first EP, Feed Me's second is *just* good. B+ 

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