Pance Party - Rainbow Road EP (Listen & Download)

Artist: Pance Party
Album: Rainbow Road EP
Release Date: May 2011
Genre: Electro
Faze Grade: B+

Pance Party is, admittedly, an unusal name for an artist. But you can take this San Francisco electronic trio seriously, as they've skirted up the popularity charts with their respective singles. Their most recent release, Rainbow Road, celebrates an eclectic mix of house and club with a melodic sound akin with Deadmau5 and Daft Punk. Rather than mingle with the minimilistic act (which appear at every street corner these days), Pance Party injects their sound with their own flavor. A dabble of synth here, flecks of 8-bit melodies here, and all with a powerful bass-backed thumping beat. Pance Party is sure to please the fans of the genre, as well as those into mainstream dance acts. This four track EP is available for free download, provided by Pance Party themselves, at the link below. B+

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