Review: Benny Bennassi - Electroman

Artist: Benny Benassi
Album: Electroman
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Genre: Club/House
Faze Grade: D

Up front I'm going to tell you the most interesting/entertaining thing about this entire album is the constellation banana on the album cover. That's about all Electroman has got going for it. Given the surge of popularity of Benassi, both as a DJ and as an entertainer, I was surprised how, well, terrible this album was. I enjoyed the hit "Satisfaction" as well as the strangely amusing music video that followed. I've heard his mixes and have been impressed. In the meantime, the man has climbed the MixMag and DJ charts and is in cahoots with the best of the best. Still, despite the starstruck track record, and the anticipation surrounding Electroman, the album fails to deliver missing the mark track after track until there simply is no songs left to redeem itself.

The disjointed album opens with "Good Girl" a track that hopes to ride the coattails of the minimalistic, yet catchy "Satisfaction." Yet, the entire album gives me emotions of dog commands and slightly perverse innuendos. The beat never rises to dance level, and it more or less sounds like an audio book with a little bounce to it. "Rather Be" features a singing/rapping Shanell with much more emotion to add to the song. The melodies and beats, however, always sound revolving, always progressing, but never arriving sounding like a prelude to another song, rather than the song itself. "Spaceship" is one of Electroman's hot singles, featuring Kelis (of 'Milkshake' fame) and two of the lesser-known members of the Black-Eyed Peas, Apl De App and Jean Baptiste. The background music is nice, but Kelis' voice becomes annoying after a minute of hearing her say 'get high' and the stereotypical Black-Eyed Peas sounds of short commands that sounds like 90's rap. The track is a metaphor for the entire album, a lot of potential squandered by lack of creativity. "Beautiful People" features Chris Brown and one would think this would be the turning point. But Chris Brown doesn't sound much like Chris Brown, trading his vocals in for 1980's R&B singers. The song, again, falls flat. "My House" is a terrible track of monotone, speaking vocals over boring melodies. There is nothing exciting about his house, trust me. Suddenly, "House Music" comes out of nowhere to lower the bar of the album even further. The sounds sounds annoyingly repetitive and lacks any direction. Several sounds are played at the same time drowning out any distinguishing marks. "House Music" is a true amateurish endeavor, begging the indie electronic artists to challenge Benassi of making a much, much better song.


But we're not even half-way through the album. The rest of the album, I spare us both on this, is a slur of horrid sounds. "Cinema" features Gary Go, and is an okay track but not one to dance to. "Electroman" finds T-Pain's voice draining and boring, sucking the life out of the song. "Automatic B" is the worst electronic song I've heard this year. I don't mean to sound snobby, but I could make a better song. It sounds like the techno equivalent of fingers scraping a chalkboard. "Control" features Gary Go, again, an okay song, but not a dance song. "Leave this Club Alone" starts off promising, but someone forgot to tell Benassi this style of house vocals started going out in the late 90's. "Close to Me" is Benassi's closest attempt of being some kind of Moby, combining rock vocals with mainstream dance/club. The song actually works, but by this time it's too little too late. You don't need to tell me twice that the next track, "Cinema" remixed by Skrillex, is the best track on the album. Yeah, Skrillex does that. But still, it's another artist's work. As with the concluding track, "All the Way Live." This is another track definitely worth checking, but to who's credit?

Benny Benassi has proven to the entire world before that he has an enormous amount of talent. His work as both DJ and entertainer is stellar and evident. However, if Electroman is the showcase of that talent he needs to completely reassess his work, and try again- quickly. Like a robot without a battery, Electroman lacks any energy to power the listener pass the first song. D

Benny Benassi - Cinema (remixed by Skrillex).MP3


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