Florrie - Experiments (Review & Download)

Artist: Florrie
Album: Experiments
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Genre: Electropop
Faze Grade: A-

Florrie is a new face to the music scene if we're talking strictly from a solo artist. She worked with several other artists, including the Pet Shop Boys and Girls Aloud, primarily as a drummer. She now finds herself amid the electropop genre with her second EP, Experiments. With little fanfare surrounding her sound, I cannot express my excitement over this little heard of gem. Her six-track album is
worth a listen to fans of the genre.

Experiments starts with the catchy "Speed of Light." Her sound is a touch of baroque pop (similar to Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer, or Paloma Faith) with the vibrancy of kick-swift dance. Think of a toned-down, richer sounding Kylie Minogue. Though not lyrically rich, the song serves as a great opener. "Experimenting with Rugs" continues the fast paced electropop theme. Florrie uses a different feel for her vocals for this one, confirming she doesn't sound like "every other artist." The backing melodies are reminiscent of the Gothic 80's with a distinct modern flair. "What You Doing this For?" sounds like a hot pop track from the 90's. "I took a little something", conversely, sounds like a hot pop track from the 80's, As you probably guessed from the bell-bottomed clad Florrie on the album cover, there would be no decade untouched. "Begging Me" resumes the baroque electropop flavor, and the catchy electric mix to boot. The album concludes with a wanna be girl-anthem "She Always Gets What She Wants" but with a distinctive aurora of Florrie. At album's end Florrie's Experiments are proof-positive for a successful EP. A-

Florrie - Speed of Light.MP3


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