Martin Solveig - Smash! (Listen & Download)

Artist: Martin Solveig
Album: Smash!
Release Date: June 21, 2011
Genre: Club/House
Faze Grade: B+

Martin Solveig's “Smash!” is something to get excited about. Most dance/club artists tend to focus on the intro and the outro, leaving most listeners (especially new ones) scraping for real substance. Who wants to stick around for a song if it doesn't lift off into outer space? Solveig's “Smash” is the cure for the dance-sound apathy. On my first listen, and even before then, I was skeptical about this one. I had heard the popular track “Hello” on a Ministry of Sound release and a few different movie trailers and commercials. While the addition of the grilling beats and the ever-loving Dragonette's vocals, it was a winning combo- but that still leaves thirteen more tracks. The consistency stays with “Smash!” and ends up being, forgive the pun, smashing with a few misgivings.

After “Hello,” we get male vocals (a la Kele) for “Ready 2 Go.” This song is pretty good, flowing in the same vein as “Hello” containing popular dance tricks, while dipping into glitch and dub step if only for a few moments. “The Night Out” sounds like a Empire of the Sun track, but you made be surprised to here Martin himself giving his vocals for this one. It's a more chill track, and matches the aura of a song with the name “night out” suggests. Towards the end of the song, it gets a typical reverb/echo treatment that concludes the song nicely. “Can't Stop” features Dragonette- again. This takes the theme of Summer bliss with a club flair even more. This is a groovy track that encourages dancing and lots and lots of jumping. Look for this one in a movie sometime soon.

“Racer 21” has no vocals, but uses a snyth to speak for it instead. This song is in the same vein as a Pryda or Tiesto track, lots of high energy. “We Came to Smash” features the vocals of Dev, infamous for her role in “Like a G6.” Another hot track with bouncy rhythms, sing-a-long vocals, and high energy. While her vocals aren't as fit for Solveig as Dragonette's, I can make do. “Big in Japan” continues the trend, with Dragonette (once more) at the helm of vocals. “Get Away from You” is a rock-pop-dance infused mutant, combined with Solveig's vocals, that kind of sound like a b-side on a Strokes EP. Needless to say this doesn't work for Solveig, and I can't change the song fast enough. With “Boys and Girls,” which features, you guessed it, Dragonette, on the guest vocals dueting with Solveig, the whole summer-energy-feel kind of feels like it's running at the end of course. So when the album's originality concludes with “Let's not play games” (another slow-moving pop-leaning track that I didn't care for), it feels like a fitting end. However, four more remixes of the first tracks are in order to finish this out. If you are into remixes, these can suit your fancy- but they remain a give and take, something I normally avoid on original albums.

Solveig's summer hotness, “Smash!,” is sure to keep the party goers hopping, the CD players stuffed, and the iPod’s bouncing. While the consistency of the tracks end up damning itself towards the end there is a lot to like about this one. B+

Martin Solveig - Hello.MP3


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