STS9 - When the Dust Settles (Listen & Download)

Artist: STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)
Album: When the Dust Settles EP
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Genre: Electro
Faze Grade: B-

Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) is a long time player in the game of music, but "When the Dust Settles" is my first listen in. Initially described as alternative rock/jazz instrumental/electronic, their sound has obviously evolved since the band's inception in 1999. "When the Dust Settles" is strictly an electronic sound meshing with minimalism, chillout, and techno. Their sound is constructed around a futuristic melody, joined by various musical beds and ambiance, thrown in with club and hip-hop beats. Rather than dwell on the club or house approach, STS9 is an instrumental band with soundtrack-ish heights.

"Scheme" sounds like the opener of a movie with basic vocals in the back with hip-hop beats backing tinkling melodies and vibrancy. Despite the somewhat basic approach, it comes off as a a nice, soothing track. The same goes with "When the Dust Settles." There is a very space, futuristic feel present in each track, but big beats and streaming bass warbles keep it the tracks from zoning out. "Golden Gate" is a slow hitter, but with a strong vibrancy that sounds 80s. The five song EP ends with "Winter Sun" a short, soundtrack ambiance that ends the album on an awkward, abrupt note. Given the already short track list, I don't find it the best approach to end on your shortest song and have it be slow to boot. Regardless, for my first delve into STS9 I was pleasantly surprised by a refreshing journey into space on this EP. B-

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