Swimming With Dolphins - Water Colours (Listen & Download)

Artist: Swimming With Dolphins
Album: Water Colours
Release Date: May 17, 2011
Genre: Electro-pop
Faze Grade: A

Swimming with Dolphins is a one-man synthpop act from Minnesota and a recent signer of Tooth & Nail Records. A single playthrough will have the listener drawing numerous comparisons to popular synthpop artists such as Owl City and The Secret Handshake. And no wonder- Owl City frontman, Adam Young, was the co-founder of Swimming with Dolphins. After the band gained mainstream success with their EP, "Ambient Blue", Young left to focus on Owl City, leaving other member Austin Tofte to fend the band himself. Tofte combined his oustanding original talent with a few female guest vocalists and unleashed the musical odyessy, and debut LP, "Water Colours."

The album opens with fast-paced track "Holiday" which features his touring female vocalist, Sarah Beintker. The song gives the listener of the kind of sound they will expect throughout. "Easy" is a slower synth jam that heavily reminds me of The Secret Handshake (TSH). "Sleep to Dream" features Beintker once more and features seemingly Sega Genesis-esque inspired melodies from start to finish. This is probably my favorite track from the album, with the blending duet of Tofte and Beintker the strongest element of the song. "Diplomat" is another slow jam that sounds like an idie hit (or a title song for an indie movie). The title track continues the video game melodies blended with Tofte's softer vocals. The highlight "Happiness" features guest vocalists by Sunsun, who some of you may recognize for appearing on a few of DJ Kaskade's tracks (i.e. "Be Still"). The album closes with "Good Times" is a strong dance/club track edged with rap vocals from Mod Sun; an oustanding closer for an oustanding album.

When all is said and done, Swimming with Dolphins is unique artist standing upright on their own sound. Though they may initially be dismissed by the listener by a cheap Owl City knock-off, multiple play-throughs will establish their sound truly as their own. With a variety of melodies and quirky sounds, as well as guest vocalists who spice up the tracks, this is an album worthy of your ears. A

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