Alex Clare - The Lateness of the Hour (Review & Download)

Alex Clare - The Lateness of the Hour
Dubstep/Drum N' Bass/Pop Rock

I was not familiar with Alex Clare when I caught wind of his first album, The Lateness of the Hour. Debuting on July 12th, the album is technically classified as dub step. Always an eager listener of the dub genre, I spun the album a few times in my headphones. What I didn't find was the stereotypical dub sound. Dub step started as a form of quasi-techno for the reggae genre leaking into electronica. Recently, however, the genre has exploded on the market; accepted by and large by mainstream listeners. As we know from experience, when a sound hits mainstream, compromise breaks down any integrity it might have once held. Most of the time it is for better or for worse. Now the genre has birthed multiple forms with names like glitch hop, electro hop, filth step, dirty dub, etc. I could go on, but I digress.

Forgive my diatribe, back to Clare and his new album. This is essentially dub and its purist form: the inclusion of the infamous reggaeton beat infused with the vocals lain in a sing-song pattern. Initially I expected the sinking, sassy bass, but I was greeted by a different side of dub. This is actually a fresh perspective from the genre, a valley rarely visited by the eclectic listener. Combined with pop rock elements and, of course, drum and bass you get a picture of the kind of music Clare plays. A good grab-bag song that displays much of the sound from the album is the first song, also my favorite, "Up All Night." I have included the song for listen and download below. Fans of this song will be delighted to hear you can expect more of the same henceforth. Clare occasionally slips into Moby-like electro rock now and then, especially with the slower songs. Anything that doesn't shoot over 120 BPM is often a downer for me, so I found myself skipping such, but it might do something for you. Honestly, this is a change of pace for most listeners, but it might be the one needed to relax from the otherwise glitch-filled, cluster-bassed genre.

Alex Clare - Up All Night.Mp3

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