Counterstrike - VIP (Listen & Download)

Counterstrike - VIP
Filth Step/Hard Dub Step

Counterstrike is scary good. This is the kind of dub that picks you up off the floor, then proceeds you to ram you through the wall a few times. Another artist in the newly dubbed, so-called "filth step" genre, Counterstrike is the rip-your-heart-out-and-eat-it-while-you're-still-alive kind of sound that bounces around the internet for a few weeks before someone like me picks it up and demands new fans. The unique, throbbing sound of filth step is enough to motive even the hardcore rock fans to give this one a few listens. With promising song titles (like "Extreme Mutilation") and insane metal guitar bridges, this certainly is dub at 100 MPH.

Counterstrike - Cut You Up Into Little Pieces VIP.MP3

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