DFRNT - Emotional Response (Listen & Download)

DFRNT - Emotional Response
Dub Step (Softer/Minimalistic)

DFRNT (aka Alex Cowles) is hard to peg out in terms of genre definition. Though marketed generically as dubstep, he's a bit more all over the map-- combining elements of darkwave, house, and minimalism wrapped into one. The particular track I chose to represent the 'goodie' from this album was the first track 'True.' As with most starting tracks, the first song allows the listener to get an 'open house' to the rest of the album. 'True' provides the honest candor Cowles integrates into his music. While not particulariy riot enticing and exciting, his tracks reveal the softer side of a largely buzz-sawing genre, similar to Alex Clare did last week. Take a listen below...

DFRNT - True.MP3

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