A Very Skrillex Friday

Happy Friday!

If you have been a frequent member of this site you'll know that I am a huge fan of Skrillex. The man, at his young age, has accomplished much in a very little amount of time exploding onto the scene last year. In honor of (a) his awesomeness, and (b) it being Friday, I've decided to share with you some Skrillex related tracks all of which I think you'll find delightful as well.

Listen to and download below:

Felguk, Skrillex, Dada Life, Dirtyloud - Unleash the Scary Side - I love this song because it combines two of my favorite electro hits of recent: "Unleash the F*cking Dada" and "Scary Monsters and Sprites." Wonderful mashup. [Download]

Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox) Y4NN Remix - Normally, remixes of already good songs are a waste of ear-space. The Y4NN remix however, deserves some credit for spicing things up. [Download]

The White Panda - Foolish Monsters (Lil' Jon and Skrillex mashup) - This first time I saw the title for this I was like "there's no way this even sounds good." The fact that I am posting here should be a testament to how well I think White Panda's mash works with dirty south rap and dub step electronica. You know what they say: 'opposites attract.' [Download]


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