Madeon - Pop Culture (Live Mashup) & Download

If you've never heard of Madeon, then you are missing out on one of the greatest (and youngest) DJ/Producers out there right now. At a strapping young age of 17, Madeon has made a name for himself in the industry. First with his release of a the deadmau5 song "Raise your Weapon" and subsequent eargasmic hits thereafter. After a few listens to some of his music, I found him to be one of top favorites.

Recently, Madeon did us all the pleasure of mashing up twenty-some of his favorite pop songs from the past decades. In the video below, entitled 'Pop Culture (live mashup),' Madeon gives us a taste of what his young talent is capable of. Look for Madeon to be a electronic breadwinner with a long life ahead of him.

Download MP3 of the mashup here

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  1. Madeon's track is nice. There are tons of us out there doing mashups on a
    launchpad (how to's on my site). While this video focuses more on the
    "gimmick" element of what we do, it's still a good track and it's good
    to get more attention for what we're doing, outside of labels and legal

    Thanks for posting!


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