Make Your Own Deadmau5 Head

I just had to post this, it looked cool and it fulfills one of the items on my bucket list ('Wear gaudy headgear of your favorite DJ'). I saw this posted on instructables.com and decided to share it with the electronic music community at large:

"The famous deadmau5 icon has evolved over the years. This tutorial explains how to make a deadmau5 head like the red one worn with a business suit. The illustrations for the steps are a bit funky and are not to scale, but they convey the necessary information. Measurements are indicated by red lines and numbers in the diagrams, and all measurements are in inches. If you have any suggestions for improving any of these steps, please share them. (The part where you fit the felt over the mau5 head is especially tricky, so I’d love to know if anyone has good strategies for that step.)"

Read the complete instructions (and download the PDF kit)
here. Trust me, it's a lot of fun!


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