Pnau - Soft Universe (Listen & Download)

Pnau - Soft Universe
Electronic Rock/Pop
Sounds Like: Empire of the Sun

Soft electronic rock, such as Empire of the Sun, is a small niche genre. Not small in the sense that there are a few artists in the genre, but that there are very few good artists in the genre. Often, too many differing genres combine to form a multi-headed beast, and the sound is lost in the muddle of discord. Pnau, though, clearly defines its sound. Having already established a presence with their previous release in their self-titled debut, Pnau is back again with another trove of soft rock goodies. Music Faze is an electronic music site, so you can be sure there are plenty of doses of electronic synths and the like sprinkled throughout on Soft Universe. I found this album to be some straight-up good-mood mellow tunes.

Pnau - Solid Ground.MP3

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  2. I really love this kind of music.thanks a lot.


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