Dinka - Tales of the Sun (Review & Download)

Artist: Dinka
Album: Tales of the Sun
Release Date: June 13, 2011
Genre: Club, Chillout
Faze Grade: B+

Tales of the Sun is typically not an album that I’d review for one or two reasons: (a) the chillout genre of dance music does not appeal to me (outside of the occasional Kaskade remix), and (b) singing is sparse, and a dance song has to be pretty jazzy if it wants me to stick around. Dinka’s Tales of the Sun does just that. There is a lot to like about the album, amongst the sandy beaches that the listener feels amidst. While not the high octane output I’d normally find myself playing through my headphones, Dinka is a vacation from everything else.

So what’s the secret to Dinka’s success here? The combination of many elements to form a well-crafted tune; rather than much of the chillout genre which I find a bit minimalistic of sorts. While it doesn’t take much to create chillout- just a simple mixture of low-volume kick, and some steamy vocals- it is an art to create chillout well. A great example of a perfect mixture is in the second track, “On the Beach,” which blends a nice synth pad with a Carlos Santana-esque electric guitar sound. When the drum is cued in, there is a lot to appreciate. Many of the other songs combined the atypical beach sounds with soothing pads that bring about memories of the sun in better times. While there are many highlights, some pure-dance tunes are devoid of the smart spark necessary to cross from mediocre to fantastic. Dinka, though, has a lot going on this track set and already a hefty resume.

Streamlining with the beats, Dinka includes female vocals on a few of his tracks. Notably “Radiate” includes Julie Thompson, who has worked with Tiesto and other popular djs. Track 8 includes the vocals of Hadley, whose edgy voice reminds me of Alyssa Palmer (worth checking out). These more-club-than-beach moments have Dinka comparable with Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, and Armin Van Buren. Perhaps this was his foray into the popular mainstream dance genre. Agreeable, Tales of the Sun is a smart selection of tunes that will easily win the hearts of dance and chillout fans. B+

Dinka - On the Beach.MP3


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