Attack of the Friday!! Dubstep Tracks (Volume 2)

It's my favorite day of the week-- as well as most of ya'lls. This week's edition of Attack of the Friday we've got another smashing list of celebrated and talented artists.

Devin Martin - BANGBANG - I've never heard of Devin Martin, but now I want to hear more.

Bratkilla ft Anal Cavity - Comply or Deep Fry - This might not technically qualify as Dubstep, given the beat-- but it's dark enough to be one.

Dubsidia & Save The Rave - Spanish Ravesolution - Dubsidia is quickly becoming a top-5 favorite artists of mine.

Quartus Saul - Time Warp - This is a Soundcloud discovery. Very top notch artist, too bad this song is but a short preview of the mass destruction this guy's capable of.


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