Attack of the Friday!! Dubstep Tracks

Dubstep is one of my favorite sub-genres of Electronic music, but tends to be slightly under appreciated here on Music Faze. It's no seceret: I am a huge fan of electro/complextro/filthy house/whatever-sounds-best and the posts and links tend to suggest that. However, a great dubstep song trumps any other type any given day. That's why I've created a new feature for Friday's called "Attack of the Friday!!" The post that gives me a good excuse to unload any dub tracks I've heard recently that deserve a presence on here. It also gives you, the reader, a good reason to visit at least once a week. Most dub songs are a bit too much on the bass, and not enough on the depth-- but I assure you the following tracks are dubtastic. Leave comments below or, if your an aspiring dub step artist, submit your track for a chance to have it posted on next week's "Attack of the Friday!!"

Xilent - Choose Me II.mp3 - This a pretty chill dubstep track, with a soft female vocal in the back

Zomboy - Pump It Up.mp3 - As far as I am concerned this man can do no wrong (not yet anyway)

Dubsidia – Don’t Tell It.mp3 - Now we're talking; a sliced, chunky dub portion

Skeptiks - Under The Bed.mp3 - Skeptiks have had my attention since "Cobwebs." This track follows in its footsteps

Downlink - Factory.mp3 - Downlink is a huge name in the dub world, this track is proof positive. It sounds much like what an actual factory would sound like.


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