David Guetta ft. Afrojack - Lunar + Calvin Harris, Nervo

It seems like once a week, we've got a new David Guetta track and this week is no different. He's got a new electro pop jam with Afrojack titled "Lunar." Most of my peers posted this song on their site with a tinge of regret: more than once did I see something along the lines of "I feel bad since I am posting a Guetta track." I don't understand this, seeing how the man has talent. Guetta is quite popular, thus making him out from underground-- where a majority of the electronic music artists exist. Maybe they see him as a sellout, a failure to the establishment. But I'm no pop psychologist, and I won't pretend to over-analyze it. Whatever your feelings are on the matter, this new track from the duo is a high-quality electro space track with a lot to like (though it contains no vocals, as per usual with Guetta).

David Guetta ft. Afrojack - Lunar

We've also got (finally!) a good remix of "Flashback" from Calvin Harris. That song was my favorite track from Harris' last album, and I have heard a slew of different remixes none of them even remotely good. Finally, A Million Like Us comes along and remixes the heck out of the song making sweet, sweet love in the process. I present to you the first, awesome "Flashback" remix.

Calvin Harris - Flashback (A Million Like Us Remix)

A few weeks ago, I posted the original Nervo track debut of "We're all No One." The track has been a huge hit for the band (as well as Aoki and Afrojack, who contributed). Now Hook N' Sling have released a remix to the track. Check it our below.

Nervo ft. Steve Aoki, Afrojack - We're All No One (Hook N' Sling Remix)

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