Featured Talent: The Sound Technician (Electro Breaks)

The Sound Technician (alter ego: Ian Place)
Electro Breaks specializing in remixes

Why a Featured Talent?
In my brief, novice experience with remixing and producing tools I have come across one keen observation: remixing is hard. And not like, one-day-I'll-finally-get-the-hang-of-this hard, but a precise and skilled practitioner hard. My one and only minor "success" in the world of remixing was a modernized re-tool of Skee-Lo's mid-90's jam, "I Wish". Even then, a four hour foray into the song produced a mixed result of off tempo stanzas and a primordial soup of anything truly cohesive. Nevertheless, such experiences simply have me pining for true talent in the world of remixing. When The Sound Technician, aka T.S.T., aka Ian Place, contacted me with a few of his re-works, I braced myself for either true success or a maddening plate of wannabe dance singles. Luckily, I had nothing to fear and, with the success of his tunes, has found himself on the front page of Music Faze.

Initially the idea of adding breakbeats to an electro house song doesn't exactly reek of 'appealing.' So for someone like T.S.T. to infuse the skittering beats and make it work is a lesson in miraculous harmony. The first song that caught my attention was his remix of DallasK's "Crush" which, I thought, sold his music to me. The addition of the extra drums, as well as a slight cutting of the vocals and synths, added depth to the original song without taking away its foundations. Many remixes, perhaps intentionally, wither and destroy the intentions of the song, until it becomes a completely new product. I find that the perfect trick to a remix is to deconstruct the emphasis of the original and adapt it into your signature. T.S.T. has clearly done that, embracing his own breakbeat electro talents and incorporating them into top dance charters.

T.S.T. hopes that his trend and sound catches on launching him in to the limelight. If Music Faze can be any part of that, giving him a leg up in the oft crowded world of EDM, then we'll gladly hand him a stepladder.

Top Songs:
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Breaks Edit) by T.S.T.

Kaskade & Adam K Ft. SunSun - Raining (Healthy BREAKfast mix) by T.S.T.

Dallas K - Crush (Sonic ReWork) by T.S.T.

About T.S.T. (from his perspective)
So basically I produce breakbeat remixes, electro house remixes, and I am currently working on my original productions. I have been producing for about 3 or 4 years now. I use my akai mpk25, macbook with the latest versions of ableton live/logic studio, and I also just recently acquired a Numark NS6 which I use for live shows/DJ events. All of the songs I produce are created through logic, ableton, and serato itch. I usually use itch after my songs have been mastered in logic and/or ableton to give them a DJ aesthetic. My next moves from here are going to be more in the hip/hop direction. I like the Pretty Lights aesthetics/concept but I'd like to go in a more house direction.

But about me personally I am from Cape Elizabeth, Maine and I am going to be a junior at George Mason this year. I've been back and forth between schools in Vermont and Virginia so I've indulged in some pretty different musical scenes/sub-cutures. I have an extremely diverse taste in music because I honestly try to be as objective as I possibly can. Clearly I have my preferences but I honestly do try to listen to music as objectively as possible because I love sampled music and I love to sample; therefore, I need to listen to all music with an open mindset for possible incorporations in my pieces. I'm going to get some shows at some local Northern Virginia venues as well as some DC venues.

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