James Egbert - Blackhawk (Listen & Download)

James Egbert is awesome. While, I can't normally get away with starting every post like that (although, at times, I wish I could) I would like to make a humongous exception in this case. I first heard him featured on SoundCloud and then, recently, we featured his song "Lady Luck" as our top pick on a Thirty Thursday. If you're not familiar with Egbert's work, and that's probably going to be most of you, the best way to describe it is banger complextro. His album of Blackhawk is a good starter for his music. This is, simply put, complextro at its finest and hopes this album takes off, further spreading complextro's popularity.

Currently (I'm not sure of the time window on this) Egbert is promoting through the music blog, Thissongissick.com, for his Blackhawk EP. You can download the entire EP via thissongissick.com here. You can also buy the EP of Egbert's "Blackhawk" at Beatport. It's a purchase well worth the money.


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