Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax (Review, Listen, & Download)

Deadmau5 embarked on his Meowingtons Hax Tour in early August and already the tracks of the tour are being released. A companion collection of tunes, released on Deadmau5's own "mau5trap" records, was put out last week on Beatport and has grown wildly with interest. In addition to Deadmau5 (with his new single "Where Are My Keys"), several other artists round out the compilation including: Al Bizzare, Feed Me, Tommy Lee, Aero, Excision, Downlink, Moguai, Sofi (from "Sofi Needs A Ladder"), and James Njie. It's hard to find any criticism in this disk, which is made up of 9 original songs and a set of kits for two of the featured songs for djs/producers to make remixes out of. Considering the few amount of songs, the $22.00 price range does seem a bit steep, considering that many listeners have no use for the producer kits. But it's hard to pass with golden tracks such as Feed Me's "Cott's Face," so your probably better off individually downloading the tracks at $2.99 a piece and then leaving out the producer kits. If Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax is an indication of the power of talent in the mau5trap label, then we've got a few years of good things coming from it.

Tommy Lee & Aero - Static (from Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax)

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