More Electro: Walden + Terrorbot + Skullee

I've gone through some more tunes from my bank and have an overflow of the ones I want to share so I am going to empty out some more for ya'll. Support the artists, if you hear a song you like find out more about them, be their friend of Facebook, hit them up, comment on their work, visit their Soundcloud page, be the artist's best friend. These people do what they do for people like you; there's no joy in making music that falls on deaf ears. The genre, and that includes EDM (electronic dance music), is only as good as its artists.

Alright, here's what I got for you on the second update for today and, chances are, you haven't heard of any of these artists. Hence the purpose of Music Faze, to introduce you to a new sound.

Walden - A New Hope - This is a pretty nasty Star Wars theme song remix. Most of the Star Wars stuff I've heard is kind of lame. But Walden's got his head and talent in the right place with this one. Definitely will be finding out more about this guy.

Terrorbot - Armed to the Teeth - This is another Soundcloud discovery. Combining filthy electro with complextro. This guy releases about a track every other day all for download. Check out his Soundcloud page here. I'm hoping to get an article just for him in the coming weeks.

Skullee - Anitra (Original Mix) - This is a neat track. There's a bit of orchestral music in the back, which makes me think some parts are from a classical song. However, the lead the synth is completely electro as well as the swish and slash beats. This is a unique and melodic track-- complete with a surprisingly haunting piano solo.

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  1. Great article! The artists you feature here truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to getting all the great music out there heard!


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