New Release Soup - Spartaque, Jan Driver, Ursala 1000, & Master Blasters

For this week's edition of New Release Soup, we've got a few different artists representing a few different genres. Perhaps I should rename these features to New Release Stew, as it mixes together a whole bunch of entities that form one delicious pot of good cooking.

Spartaque - Ricochet EP
 - A slight dash of excitement to the usual trance

Spartaque - Ricochet.MP3

Jan Driver - Amt
House/French House - An unusual sound, reminds me a bit of Daft Punk

Jan Driver - Golden Super.MP3

Ursala 1000 - Mondo Beyondo
Breakbeat/Club - A break-beater/clubber in a diminishing genre

Ursala 1000 - Mondo Beyondo.MP3

Master Blasters - Life Changing Experiences
Psych Trance - Shpongle-like, Anada Shake-like, etc.

Master Blasters - Overtones.MP3


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