New Talent: Collin Calloway (Filth Step/Complextro)

We here at Music Faze like to find and highlight new artists in the electronic genre for others to pick up on. Recently we highlighted DCarls and Jordan Blake, two promising electronic artists who will, soon enough, take their respective genres by storm (if not, by force). This time around we have Collin Calloway, aka Thizzaholic, a complextro/dub producer and dj. Calloway also uses his YouTube Channel, FilthyMusicChannel, to spread the word about new and emerging complextro and filth step artists. His music and mix tapes evoke a sense of the dark dub and dirty electro that is quickly becoming a popular genre. Collin is an emerging artist helping other emerging artists. He is this week's New Talent.

Check out these mixtapes presented by Collin (aka Thizzaholic) and enjoy.

Check out his Youtube channel
Check out his soundcloud

Thizzaholic's Summer 2011 Filthy Dubstep Mixtape by Thizzaholic

Filthy Electro House/Complextro Mix by Thizzaholic