New Talent: Hiram L. (Electro House/Complextro)

Hiram L. is not your typical name for a electronic music producer. Lacking the typical pizzazz and flashiness of the industry, Hiram L. (whereas the L stands for Lopez) comes offering not a cool name but, simply, cool music. And, frankly, that's enough to quantify the man's lack of creativity in the artist's name department. I discovered Hiram two weeks ago while perusing for new names and tracks on SoundCloud (this is how I become familiar with a majority of the tracks posted on Music Faze). I happen to be a huge fan of the newly minted genre, Complextro, so found Hiram under those criteria. A first listen through of his highlighted tracks and I knew this man was gold. I featured his song "Hugs, Kisses and More" in last week's Thirsty Thursday and his track as the Music Faze pick of the week. I was surprised to find out that he hasn't been picked up by a label yet, perhaps credited to his young age of 15. But if a 15 year old kid can do that much damage at such a young age (think Madeon), who can say what he can do down the road? I say he's a prodigy tapped for awesomeness forthcoming. You don't need flashy names or crazy good production qulaities-- you just need the raw talent. I am hoping his exposure, however limited, can serve as a notice to those who appreciate good, quality music. Hiram L. is looking for a a home, and the next label just might be it.

I asked Hiram to send us a short bio and, in his best English, he did so happily:

"I am a 15 year old boy, I live in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Always trying to do something different and learn, I leave the graphic design to dive into the world of music...

I started doing songs in FL Studio in June 2010, but when I take it seriously, it was in November 2010, when I did a blog on blogger, and uploaded my first song to Zippyshare. Later, I arrive to the Hard Electro, I made my first heavy basslines with samples and distortion plugins, eventually, I discovered that add more basslines, it was essential to my style, so I started to get more and more sounds to my songs for the main part, the complextro now my gender. Agreed with this habit of many sounds, I developed in the dubstep. I've also done drum & bass, house and progressive house. Since I can remember, I like the music, but I do not always like the electronic. Before the rock was my passion, but it was another. The different genres and songs have a message and can change your mood or the way you see things. Electronic music is capable of changing the mood anyway, but there are plenty more that convey joy. In doing my songs always express my mood, my personality and my style. I wanted to get into this, because music, as I said, it makes you express, you can also do something that you like it, as you dreamed or thought, but that if, much depends on the experience and talent, to get off to a good level requires much effort and dedication. I saw almost no tutorials, I discovered all I could do, and listening to my idols in electro house (Lazy Rich, Rabbit Killer, Fast Foot, Porter Robinson, Alex Mind), so, I learned listening."

Take a gander at Hiram's songs below, and don't forget to support this burgeoning talent!

Hiram.L - Hugs, Kisses and More (Original Mix) by Hiram.L

Hiram.L - Courage (Original Mix) by Hiram.L

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