New Talent: Jordan Blake (Electro Rock/Pop)

Jordan Blake
Electronic Rock/Pop
Sounds like: Ellie Goulding, Secret Handshake

Former lead singer and programmer of the band A Skylit Drive, Jordan Blake, has now turned to electronic music full time and wants the world to know about it. In the past few months Blake has produced two different songs "Reek Over Me" and "Everyone Hates a Fake." Both songs are going for the electronic pop/rock niche with smooth vocals laden over the electronic synths. The sound aims for an approach similar to electronic artists like Secret Handshake or Ellie Goulding. For the most part, Blake achieves that sound. "Reek Over Me" uses gritty hip-hop glam beats over tense vocals, creating a sense of urgency. The cuts and glitches are used nicely and to the benefit of the song, adding a touch of variety. "Everyone Hates a Fake" starts slower, a more progressive track. The chorus is catchy, as the beats drop and the glitch is set. The changes in pace between stanzas helps the song retain originality  though the dub-step breakdown towards the end of the song ends up distorting the smooth flow-- a distraction for the listener. Ultimately, there is a lot of talent seeping in these two tracks putting Blake on par with the fledgling artists in the jam-packed electronic industry. The sound here is enough to put him over the edge.

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Jordan Blake - Reek Over Me by Jordan Blake

Everyone Hates A Fake by Jordan Blake


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