The Noisy Freaks - The Dirty Vader Is Skilling Me (Mashup)

Yeah, you need to stop what you are doing and listen to this right now. I don't claim to be a man of many hyperbolic terms, but I am thinking this could be the greatest mash up I have ever heard. The Noisy Freaks have released a track that mashes up not two, but three of my favorite dj/producers (Darth & Vader, Skrillex, and Feed Me). This song was released yesterday on SoundCloud and became a featured work within moments. Also within moments, the 1000 download limit was reached and those lucky enough to snatch a download were happily satisfied, leaving the others with their jaw on the floor. There wasn't an extra download to be anywhere.

Until now. You're welcome, America.

The Noisy Freaks - The Dirty Vader Is Skilling Me.mp3


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