See Shpongle Live!

From the same man that has brought you Hallucinogen and Younger Brother, Simon Posford along with Raja Ram bring you Shpongle LIVE.  Posford has just wrapped up an immensely successful North American tour and this hype and excitement is guaranteed to carry over to the Shpongle LIVE shows. 

On Oct 28 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, and on Oct 29 at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California, you could have the rare opportunity of seeing this 12-piece band live!  Their sound is unlike any other; fusing ethnic beats with electro rhythms.  This show promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

About Simon Posford:
Hailing from the UK, Simon Posford has displayed his various creative capabilities through many released albums.  Every one of Simon Posford’s aliases has a different sound.  From the genre-bending adventurism of Younger Brother, to the psychedelic trance journeys that Hallucinogen promises to take you on, to the alien-esque, trippy, rhythmical sounds of Shpongle, Simon Posford is a creative force unlike any other.

Come see what others have called amazing, mind-blowing, and unreal.

Here's a sample of Shpongle's work if you're none too familiar:

Shpongle - Levitation Nation.MP3

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