Skrillex - Evil As Satan (Ft. Bare Noize) (Listen & Download)

Another week, another collaborative Skrillex track. Skrillex has taken the opportunity to work with Bare Noize on this track, and it sounds, like many of his other tracks, to be quite the dance shaker. While I'd wish he'd stop smattering his live shows with a plethora of songs he'll probably never legitimately release-- it's good to see a legit one come across the wires every once and a while. I can't tell how old this song is, my song would be a few months to a few weeks old. So, needless to say, another good one to have flow down the pipeline. Look alive, folks, for "Evil as Satan" featuring Bare Noize.

Skrillex - Evil As Satan (Ft. Bare Noize).MP3


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