Taylor Swift - Love Story (Skrillex & Cyrex Remix) Dubstep

Just caught wind of a new Skrillex remixed song: Taylor Swift's "Love Story." (??) An unusual choice to remix, especially with intentions to turn it into a dubstep remix. Cyrex is the man behind the majority of the remix, crediting Skrillex with the basslines only in some of the cases. This makes a bit more sense, especially in light of the remixed artist. Then I notice a post on Skrillex's Facebook wall:
I had no part in this remix FYI .. whoever made it just sampled my basses from like 3 different songs... plz don't attack/troll this youtube page, it's just an FYI :)
Well-- okay then. Here it is regardless.... enjoy!

Taylor Swift - Love Story (Skrillex & Cyrex Remix).mp3


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