Thirsty Thursday- Volume 4

It's THURRRRSSSSDAAAYYYYY....time to get down on Thursday. At Music Faze, on Thursdays, we save the best for Thursdays-- the best dance, electro, dub, chill, whatever we find. We pick out the best and put it in cold storage until every Thursday, when it peeks its head out of its hole and does a little jig for the week. So without further ado, I pronounced you man and Thirsty Thursday.

First we start with the Music Faze pick of the week, and the trophy easily goes to....(updated) Al Bizzare for Fresh Scream. I was initially under the impression that the song was titled "Pixel Cheese" and was put together by three of my favorite producers: Feed Me, Deadmau5, and Skrillex. However, I have since learned, thanks in large part to a reader, that the song is actually Al Bizzare. Regardless, the track is still tasty and worth the download. Sorry for the confusion.

Al Bizzare - Fresh Scream

Runner Ups:

SubVibe - Destroyer (Cubism Remix) - SubVibe was a name I saw on SoundCloud and was well worth the discovery. This remix is especially dastardly with enough filth to go around. Check out more of their tunes here.

Tiesto f. Kay - Work Hard Play Hard (dBerrie Remix) - A few week's ago, we debuted Tiesto's new track with Kay and now, like 99% of all Tiesto tracks, it has been remixed-- this time by dBerrie. I'm not familiar with the name, but the remix is pretty good.

Al Bizzare feat. Alateya - Desire (Club Mix) - For a dance-happy club tune, this is pretty solid.

Soulfix & King Kornelius - Sound Of Machine - Two days in a row of King Kornelius, what were we thinking? Apparently on the right track, the man's a genius.

Until next Thursday...keep dancing away!

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  1. Pixel Cheese isnt Deadmau5, Skrillex, or Feed Me... It's Al Bizzare's Fresh Scream. Just FYI.


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