Wednesday: New Feed Me + Darth & Vader + Others

Feed Me is one of my favorite producers, simply because his music combines elements from multiple genres. Songs like "Muscle Rollers" and "Green Bottle" always get me up and moving. The man has a clearly defined talent, and it's always a treat when he puts out anything new. Well, just a few hours ago, Feed Me debuted a new track titled "Cott's Face" which, like most of his tracks, seems to be chosen out of mid-air. Though only clocking in at a minute and a half (thus pointing to this track as just a preview of the upcoming madness, no doubt) the tune will debut tomorrow (8/25) on mau5trap records (via beatport). Check it out below.

Cott's Face by youfeedme

Here are some other worthy tunes coming down the ever-long pipeline of electronic music:

JELO & King Kornelius - The Bully (Original Mix) - King Kornelius is an electro banger master, I look forward to hearing more from him.

Mellefresh - Intuition (Darth & Vader Remix) - As far as I am concerned anything D&V touch is solid gold. Though they rarely release original mixes (see "Return of the Jedi") you can be sure remixing is still in their cards.

Skylar Grey - Invisible (Kaskade Remix) - A good club/dance song with Kaskade's fingerprints all over.

And finally, we wrap it up with a new talent spot light on Complextro artist Dirty Monkey. Check out his track "Mystery of Life" below which comes with a free download. Be sure to check out the remainder of his tracks on his SoundCloud page.

 Dirty Monkey - Mystery of life by DIRTY MONKEY


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