Ferry Corsten - Check It Out (Listen & Download) + Classic Ferry

Ferry and I go way back. Not that we've met our anything, but I have been a fan of Corsten since his inception around the turn of the century. While it's been three years since his last LP "Twice in a Blue Moon" has hit the EDM airwaves  there is still plenty of opportunity for the occasional smashing single. His newest offering debuted August 11th and it's a solid hit. "Check It Out" bleeds of strong synth leads, an immediate progressive feel. Loaded with high-tech effects, with a splash of vocals, this is a heavy track.This is easily one of the better dance/club tracks I've heard in a while. Plus, if you're really digging this track, Beatport is selling it at only 1.99.

Ferry Corsten - Check It Out

Pick up "Check It Out" on Beatport!

Here a couple of throwback tracks, two tracks "Fire" and "Made of Love," which are personal favorites of mine from the Ferry Corsten collection.

Ferry Corsten - Fire

Ferry Corsten - Made Of Love


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