Loopport - Resource for Producers/DJs (Free Beta Code)

What if you never had to purchase another sound library, download pack or sample CD ever again? What if you had access to thousands of high-quality, royalty free packs at your fingertips?

It's all possible with Loopport.com.

Whether you're a DJ, music producer, professional or aspiring musician, you now have access to an endless amount of professional-quality, royalty-free loops, samples, sample patches, and effects with Loopport.com.

Available to anyone with a laptop and with any music-creation software, Loopport.com helps musicians from all over the world create better, higher-quality, professional-grade music regardless of income, education or technical background. Loopport.com is a place where every loop, beat and sample can and will be created, mixed and mastered to the highest level using everything from instruments to analog gear to superior plug-ins and more. Continually updated, the newest and latest sounds sit alongside classic tones, truly making Loopport.com an essential tool for all computer-based musicians. And because everything is hosted in the cloud, there's no long download periods or time-consumer searches through site after site after site.

In addition, Loopport.com connects musicians from all over the world by offering this passionate audience a place to communicate and share with other like-minded people. Loopport.com truly offers Music 4 All!

I've checked it out myself and can say I am so far pleased with the results. Now it's your turn to check it out yourself. Loopport is still in beta so currently some changes are still being made to make the program even better than it already is. Everything is completely free with this beta code. Music Faze users can use the exclusive beta code loopport28.


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