Nadia Ali - When It Rains (Listen & Download) + Adam K

Nadia Ali has released a new club track "When it Rains." This soon-to-be radio hit (if it already isn't) combines elements of euro trance, club, and a characteristic Ibiza sound. She's got some unique vocals as well, which is something good to bring to the table. Female vocalists on club tracks are, for all intents and purposes, a dime a dozen. This is a striking track, and worth the listen.

Nadia Ali - When It Rains

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For an added bonus, check out this track by Adam K. I skipped listening to this song for the longest time, simply because the uptake is slow and steady. Granted, progressive songs that chug at a slow pace can have a killer reward, i.e. Deadmau5's "Strobe." While songs like that rarely come about, I think a strong candidate for consideration is Adam K's song "Point Out of a Curve." Unlike the dream-like trance that starts out "Strobe," Adam K's takes excurciatingly long to develop and then--just when you've given up hope--it blossoms into a beautful song. Give this one a chance and it will catch your ear's attention.

Adam K - Point Out Of A Curve

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