Tiesto - Maximal Crazy + Tommy Trash - The End

I'm going to be honest for a second here. Tiesto put out a new single just a few weeks ago titled Work Hard Play Hard. While I expected a great hurrah of awesome sauce, it didn't really deliver. I wasn't sure if it was the stringy sound of the female vocalist, or the unusually minimal take on the song. Granted, on the initial kick I enjoyed it, but as time wore on I found it less and less appeasing. Well, almost a month to the day later, we've got Tiesto's next offering, a dance hit called Maximal Crazy. This one, sans the vocals (save for the occasional hardstyle, hands-up shouting you're probably used to) appeals to the inner dancer in all of us. I like that he's letting loose with this single, one that will more than likely catch fire faster than the last one. If this is the direction of his next LP (whenever it releases) than I'm already getting juiced.

Tiesto - Maximal Crazy - Listen & Download

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Oh, almost forgot about our other single. Tommy Trash's The End. It is a hot dirty dutch house track that is infused with the European flavor. There appears to be a sitar breakdown that leads to the chorus, very interesting but sound inflating nonetheless. Check it out for yourself.

Tommy Trash - The End - Listen & Download

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