Coyote Kisses - Galactic Love Song (Ft. Elliot Evins) - Preview

Coyote Kisses, the electro band that scored high on Music Faze's top fifty EDM songs of the year with "Acid Wolfpack," is back with a new electro-melodic jam "Galactic Love Song." The good news is that the song is instant hotness, which shouldn't be surprising given their talent. The bad news is that the song only plays for a minute and half, right when the song really takes off, and fades off leaving the listener wanting more. Well, if the point of the track was the cause salivation, mission successful. Check out the track below, and be sure to follow them on Sound Cloud and Facebook. They're going places in 2012.

Galactic Love Song (Ft. Elliot Evins) [PREVIEW] by COYOTE KISSES

Also, if you have not heard their Star Wars remix track, then you've been seriously missing out. Coyote's "Binary Suns" is new and its quickly pushing this band into the limelight. Check out the track below. This one, however, comes with a download. Score!

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Star Wars - Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) by COYOTE KISSES


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