Hiram L.- Zombies At My Sister

Hiram has been a favorite of Music Faze's for quite some time. I featured him in an article about six months ago, and have been an avid follower of his electro house since then. He recently got picked up by a label (finally!) and, like most young, South American producers is out of this world. He's got a few new tracks available on his cloud and I've just got to share them with you.

"Zombies Ate My Babysitter" is a hot electro-infused dub track that makes me wonder what kind of potential this kid's got in store. It's a crying shame this track isn't available for download. I'd eat that up.
Hiram.L - Zombies Ate My Sister (Original Mix) by Hiram.L

Hiram's got another one, some chill electro if you will. This one is available for free download. Would recommend this one as well.

Hiram.L - Cold Flare (Original Mix) by Hiram.L


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