Joe Garston - The Promise (Electro House)

What happens when you take a four month break from writing on an EDM website? You lose track of all things awesome. I am backtracking the past few weeks, since the beginning of the year and trying to make heads and tails of the influx of new artists and tracks. Plasmapool artist Joe Garston has recently released a chill rhythmic melodic song "The Promise." This is, by all means, a dedicated track. As the cover art above suggests there is a bit of dark, but hopeful romance between lovers(though the cover reminds me of the video game "Limbo"). The main squealing melody overrides a plateauing, darker synth. In the background, a thumping kick and bass keep the song's pace. The song reeks awesome, the simple, but brilliant melodies carrying the song much like they did in Deadmau5's "Strobe." When the song abruptly stops at 2:34 you're thinking "What? I want more!" before it picks up again to continue the fade to the end. The is a strong, hot track and I heavily recommend this to occupy your ear buds for quite some time.

Joe Garston - The Promise | Buy on Beatport
Joe Garston - The Promise **OUT NOW** by JoeGarston


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