Netsky - Give And Take

Sure I've heard of Netsky. Who hasn't? He's an experienced, proven, talented Drum and Bass artist. I've even done a post or two on his work. Problem is, I don't really take a fancy to most DNB stuff. Why? No knock on the genre, nor loss of respect of those who do it-- I just don't care for the fast pace, almost seemingly ignorant style of melody that bleeds through the breakbeat. With Netsky, he's always been head and shoulders above the others peering over the wall of mediocrity to produce hits. Before I sink into existentialism, I gotta bring up his newest single (debuted 1/16/12) which is absolutely terrific. The song starts off with a nice hop-chill vibe before exploding into live drums and piano mixes, sounding seriously soundtrackish. This track breathes quality and says, plainly, "I took time and effort to make." This is a must have; look for this track to show up on the top fifty at year's end.

Netsky - Give & Take | Buy This On Beaport


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