Oliver - Dirty Talk (Nu Disco/House)

The genre of Nu Disco is dicey at best. Much like my proclaimed abstinence from DNB in my post about Netsky's newest (awesome) offering, Nu Disco has a lot to like about it and a lot to 'meh' about. There have been some sensational steals like SebastiAn's "Tetra" and just about anything by Breakbot ("Baby I'm Yours," and "Fantasy"). Largely, though, the genre features nice, groovy back tones, but often are repetitive and fail to evolve over the scope of the song. But every once and a while, there's a song that comes along that makes one completely reconsider their aggressive stance. Ladies and gentlemen, Oliver's "Dirty Talk" is one such example. His newest EP contains this song "Dirty Talk" below as well as three remixes of the original track. Listen and download the track below and buy the album on Beatport is this is your sort of jam.

Oliver - Dirty Talk | Buy on Beatport


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