Subvert & Datsik - Heartstopper (Dubstep)

One of the most exciting aspects of writing an electronic dance music blog is finding out new artists. Though others are far more researched in the genre and have a command of many of the talented artists, I'm still finding my bearings in this realm. Subvert is an artist I stumbled upon a few days ago. He's got a new EP out titled "Crazy," which also is a good way to describe his sound. He's got some heavy hitting dub tracks that are sure to blast the bass in any speakers you've got hooked up. Though the Crazy EP has four tracks, the one I've got for you today is a collaboration with fellow dub artist Datsik. This is a sickeningly dark track. You can check out the whole thing below.

Subvert & Datsik - Heartstopper | Buy the Crazy EP on Beatport

Also, another track on the Crazy EP "Love & Life" deserves your attention. This sounds like something that would be in the Terminator, combining industrial feel, female vocals, and a solid dub thump.

Subvert - Love and Life | Download
Subvert - Love & Life by Subvert