Trampboat - Ah! (Electro/Glitch)

Plasmapool Records has seized 2012 outright, and only a few weeks into the new year. First, Joe Garston's dreamy electro song "The Promise" debuted, now we've got another sure-fire hit. Trampboat is probably not a name that brings electronic dance music to one's imagination. But within the opening seconds of Trampboat's new song "Ah!" you can be sure you'll be jamming out to it. "Ah!" has all the right moves; it's got a nice, still piano melody that plays throughout, a hopping mainline and glitchy echoes of synth and dutch bleeps. Like most great electro songs the kick is heavy and hard with a thumping bass. This is a great and early discovery of 2012 and would not be surprised to see this re-surface on a few different top EDM songs of the year. Check out a preview of this song below streaming from the band's Soundcloud and make a quick judgement to snatch this tune up on Beatport. You'll be glad you did.

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Trampboat - Ah! (Original Mix) *OUT NOW* by Trampboat


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