Walden - Distance (Electro/House)

Alot of things don't make sense. One such thing is the fact that 18 year old Australian producer Walden has less than 300 followers on his Soundcloud. In the words of every CIA operative 'We have a situation.' Walden needs hardly an introduction or justification for his loads of talent. I first came across him months ago when he debuted his Star Wars-esque track "A New Hope." Since then, I've been following this kid like a hawk and for obvious good reasons. If you like feel-good dance tracks, then this is where you get your fix. It seems like every other week he's got some new stuff up for your ears, constantly evolving, constantly improving the sound. Check out his newest work "Distance" as well as the Star Wars techno jam "A New Hope." Then, do yourself a favor and like him on Facebook. He is definitely a talent worth keeping tabs on.

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Walden - A New Hope (Star Wars Techno)