Zedd - Slam The Door

Zedd, you crafty dog you. This track's just a few weeks old, and already gaining momentum. Not to mention as of today it currently rests atop Beatport's top selling track. Insanity? I think so. "Slam the Door" is a masterful blend of electro house, crude dutch melodies, and the Winnebago Man's infamous turret-like expletive outbursts. The first play through might bring a smile to the face, especially after hearing the 130 BMP time perfectly with 'Don't slam the f*cking door.' But after a dozen and a half listens I have to say this is a masterpiece and my early front runner for song of the year (that is, very early frontrunner). It's just January and we've already got a mess of hot tunes. Check it out below and buy this sucker, this is a must have.

Zedd - Slam the Door | Buy on Beatport


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